Okay, so, I’ve finally gotten around to it.

Yup, just as the tittle says,  I finally found time to work on this, fully motivated and I believe I might have chapter 1 fully done really soon.

– Backgrounds have been completely updated.
– Text is being rewritten, the tone of the story is changed a bit.


I’m still alive.

Hello my dear followers (If you’re still there), we had a few silent months and the project was pretty much dead for quite a while.

I’m trying my hardest not to completely cancel this thing.  I’m still busy and I have another side project, back in my team at Umitweak (You guys should check the latest news, a lot of cool stuff have been announced)

Anyway, I’m trying to save Seacat. But if I want to continue this, I’ll need to make a lot of edits and some re-writing.  I would like to tone down the level of ridiculousness and maybe even change the people who got eliminated.

I’ll probably leave most of the plot, but a few minor, yet noticeable changes will definitely happen.

I also want to upgrade the quality.

Anyway, yeah. I’ll try my best, even if nobody is here to read this, I still want to do this.